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Marci Trump

Testimonial “I have been seeing Dr Kim for 7+ years for continued follow up after scoliosis surgery in my teens. Dr. Kim took excellent care of me during my pregnancy a few years ago. Due to my surgery, I was worried about my back and neck when I was pregnant and she kept me strong […]

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Christina G. ~ Asperger’s Treatment Testimonial

Asperger’s Treatment Testimonial “Let’s talk Life Changers…because that’s really what Dr. Kim and Dr. Groves have been for me! After going to a pediatric neurologist who told me, “Yes, your son has Asperger’s but let’s medicate him for ADD,” after observing him for only 15 minutes, I was extremely upset. I wasn’t upset that he […]

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Oscar R. Lozano

“I have never believed in Chiropractors until just recently. I have been a runner for over 20 years … I started running again, and low and behold there was no more pain. …It is Chiropractors like Dr.’s Kim and Groves that will make believers of us all.”

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Louisa B.

“My arches were completely collapsed and my normal activities of running and walking were impaired … Dr. Kim was willing to work on my feet. … Over a period of three weeks, my feet are stronger and more mobile, and I have none of the knee problems or pain I used to have.”

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“… Intense situations at work started to give me constant neck, shoulder and lower back tension pains and stiffness… After the first week of adjustments I was amazed how much better I was sleeping and waking up.”

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