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Nikos Anastassiades

Patient Nikos Anastassiades of Huntington Beach, CA What was your condition before seeing the doctor? “Lumbar pain, weakness in the legs. Inability to stand straight.” How did the doctor help you? “Traction.” How has the treatment changed your life? “90% pain free and improving. Able to work again and live a normal life!!” What would […]

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Breanna Dossman

Patient Breanna Dossman of Long Beach, California. What was your condition before seeing the doctor? “It was pretty bad, it was hard for me to do basic things without my back hurting.” How did the doctor help you? “He pin pointed trouble areas and corrected them.” How has treatment changed your life? “It has made […]

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Susan Gonzalez

Susan Gonzalez of Long Beach, California. Patient since May, 2014. What was your condition before seeing the doctor? “I came to see Dr. Shad Groves because I was experiencing dizziness and imbalance.”   How did the doctor help you? “He was so helpful in taking time with me to evaluate my condition and explain to […]

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Marci Trump

Testimonial “I have been seeing Dr Kim for 7+ years for continued follow up after scoliosis surgery in my teens. Dr. Kim took excellent care of me during my pregnancy a few years ago. Due to my surgery, I was worried about my back and neck when I was pregnant and she kept me strong […]

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Christina G. ~ Asperger’s Treatment Testimonial

Asperger’s Treatment Testimonial “Let’s talk Life Changers…because that’s really what Dr. Kim and Dr. Groves have been for me! After going to a pediatric neurologist who told me, “Yes, your son has Asperger’s but let’s medicate him for ADD,” after observing him for only 15 minutes, I was extremely upset. I wasn’t upset that he […]

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